Officials have reported additional cases of Covid-19 on the Costa Atlantica, bringing the total number of cases on the ship to 48.

Yesterday, Authorities in the Nagasaki prefecture in Japan confirmed 33 Covid-19 cases on a Costa Atlantica cruise ship.

The ship is docked in a shipyard in Nagasaki and is undergoing repairs. The ship only carries crew and was transported by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in February.

All 14 people who tested positive were cooks or servers.

Another patient who was transferred to a hospital is seriously ill and is on a ventilator.

The cases are of serious concern in the prefecture as some of the crew had gone outside the restricted area even when the cruise operator said that the crew would stay within the limits of the wharf.

Officials have tested 127 of the 623 onboard, where 48 people have tested positive. This indicates an infection rate of 38%.

Officials aim to complete the testing of all the crew onboard by the end of this week.

The infections on the Costa Atlantica cruise ship follow the Princess Cruises’ Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was one of the major clusters of the coronavirus.

It was reported that approximately 700 confirmed cases and ten deaths were linked to Diamond Princess.

The pandemic has so far killed over 183,000 and infected more than 2.63 million people around the world.