The Gothenburg Port Authority in Sweden has launched a new data system to coordinate and supervise work at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port.

The new data system Permesso will facilitate faster, safer and more efficient operations handling at the port.

The data system was designed and developed in-house. It will enable the port to issue work permits online so that the planned and ongoing maintenance and development can be digitally coordinated at the port.

Gothenburg Port Authority Energy Port CEO Dan-Erik Andersson said: “We operate in a high-intensity environment where safety is our first priority.

“Still, we need to handle large freight volumes and traffic flows quickly and efficiently. With smart automation and digitised processes, it is easier to solve that equation.”

Gothenburg Port Authority safety and security coordinator Carl Jansson and Gothenburg Port Authority IT project leader Emily Andersson played an important role in developing Permesso.

Jansson said that approximately 70 projects are being executed at the energy port on any given day.

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Jansson added: “It is vitally important that we have a clear overview of what is going on. We can now simplify the issuing of permits to cover all the work that is being carried out on behalf of different customers and involving a large number of contractors.”

Instead of visiting the energy port and completing the paperwork manually, the company or unit can now obtain a permit online to carry out scheduled work.

The port authority employees can now issue a permit or obtain more information directly from the screen.

Andersson said: “Previously, it could take up to half a day to gather all the signatures. Now it takes just a couple of minutes. The new system saves an incredible amount of time and effort for customers, contractors, and not least for us.”

A symbol appears on a digital port map when a permit is registered in the system. The map enables users to see an overview of all the work and projects at the port.

The map will help to recognise the obstacles or dangers to other operations or projects, which are being carried out nearby.

In case of an accident, the system can dispatch the appropriate coordinates directly to the emergency services without being guided by the accident site.

The Port of Gothenburg Energy Port is one of the largest open-access energy terminals in Sweden. The port manages over 20 million tonnes of energy products annually.

Featuring 24 berths, the energy port can manage up to 2,500 ships a year.

In June, the Port of Gothenburg started construction of a rail-connected cross-docking terminal for forest products Svea Terminal.