Finland-based Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is building a new icebreaker for The Finnish Transport Agency (FTA).

The procurement is worth €123m and the companies will come to a final agreement by the end of February.

The move by FTA is to renew its fleet of aging, state-owned icebreakers, to improve its services and be more competitive in the Finnish exports business.

The new icebreaker vessel can move through 1.6m thick ice and be built with latest technology and designed for icebreaking operations in the Baltic Sea.

The vessel can cross a 25m-wide channel of ice at 1.2m thick at speed of 6k.

In the Baltic Sea, the vessel can reach an average assistance speed of 9k to 11k, whereas in open water it can reach up to 16k.

The icebreaker will use both diesel and LNG fuel, which will reduce emissions and operating costs.

Additionally, it will be able to perform oil spill response operations and emergency towing missions.

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard managing director Esko Mustamäki said the company is pleased to be building the Finnish Government’s new icebreaker, and that Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has the experience to deliver a quality arctic vessel.

“We have the best know-how and experienced builders for such projects. Winning this tender was only possible with USC‘s support,” Mustamäki said.

The vessel is scheduled for delivery by winter 2016.

Image: Arctech to build a new icebreaker for the Finnish Transport Agency. Photo: courtesy of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.