Sea Sentry

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has installed its wash water monitoring system, CTG Sea Sentry, onboard a bulk carrier to monitor it’s newly fitted sulphur dioxide (SOx) scrubber systems.
In order to comply with exhaust gas emission levels standardised by International Maritime Organization, an exhaust gas scrubber system is employed to clean a vessel-induced emissions before release, for which they use wash water which requires monitoring to avoid discharges violating regulations and hamper the environment.
CTG maritime sales manager Stephanie Lavelle said: "Providing water quality monitors for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems expands our existing capability in the supply of in-line monitoring systems to the maritime sector.

"This is a natural extension to our business supplying FerryBox environmental systems for commercial vessels and ships of opportunity. "

The CTG Sea Sentry examines the wash water to confirm its acceptable limit ad subsequently reduce potentially high levels of contamination in exhaust-gas scrubber wash water discharge which is harmful to the environment.

Sea Sentry is a turnkey solution which assesses the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon fluorescence, turbidity, temperature and pH of the wash water, the result of which is exhibited on a touch screen display with a flexible user interface and data is relayed to a main control system via an ethernet connection.

Image: The CTG Sea Sentry confirms that the wash water is within acceptable limits. Photo: courtesy of Chelsea Technologies Group.