New Jersey multi-carrier e-commerce network INTTRA has entered into an agreement with CSAV Group to make its e-shipping platform available for all the CSAV Group’s customers, including shippers and freight forwarders.

The move is an extension of INTTRA’s previous agreement with CSAV Group, which used INTTRA’s Ocean IQ data quality programme for complete system analysis.

INTTRA is a global platform that provides shippers with easily viewable and manageable ocean shipping information, which can be used for effectively performing shipments.

“This agreement is a key element of our growth strategy for the digital age.”

The current deal allows CSAV Group to meet customers’ demands by providing easy access to INTTRA’s e-commerce network, which handles 21% of global ocean container trade.

Additionally, CSAV Group can use the technology to enhance customer service both in the small and medium-sized business arena and with top-tier customers across the world.

CSAV Group commercial senior vice-president Andres Kulka said that making INTTRA’s e-commerce capabilities and network available to their customers will accelerate the company’s ability to deliver the highest level of service using the best technologies available.

“INTTRA has the innovative solutions and industry experience necessary to help us bring the benefits of e-shipping and automation to our global customer base. This agreement is a key element of our growth strategy for the digital age,” Kulka said.

INTTRA CEO Ken Bloom said the company is committed to enabling ocean carriers to be the main drivers of e-commerce innovation and to CSAV Group’s strategy of delivering customer service through e-shipping.

“CSAV Group’s strong presence in container shipping and dedication to new technologies will enable more shippers and freight forwarders to transact electronically, and gain significant benefits through a seamless connection to the INTTRA network,” Bloom said.