The DIMECC-led marine industry initiative One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem has revealed its roadmaps for the development of the world's first autonomous ship system.

One Sea partners seek to jointly develop fully remote controlled vessels using the roadmaps, which are planned to be deployed in the Baltic Sea in three years and achieve autonomous commercial maritime traffic by 2025.

The roadmaps were prepared by representatives of the companies involved in the One Sea initiative, before being verified by both national and international advisory boards.

One Sea was established last year and currently includes ABB , Cargotec, Ericsson, Meyer Turku, Rolls-Royce, Tieto and Wärtsilä.

The association of Finnish Marine Industries also provides support for the ecosystem, which has received funding from Finland’s Tekes.

DIMECC CEO Harri Kulmala said: “Our One Sea ecosystem is the natural next step in the digital transformation of the marine industry.

“Several new business initiatives in the autonomous maritime traffic have already been started and can be expected in the future.

"Our One Sea ecosystem is the natural next step in the digital transformation of the marine industry."

"The companies and organisations collaborating in One Sea are forerunners in their respective fields and the fact that our ecosystem is industry-driven separates it from many of the more or less academic exercises.

“One Sea ensures a well-researched, tested and highly capable autonomous shipping network.”

The initiative has already seen the participating companies begin developing products, software and solutions to better facilitate autonomous marine traffic.

One Sea is also in the process of developing operational, technical, security, regulatory, traffic control and ethical roadmaps in order to realise its goal of autonomous shipping by 2025.

Image: Concept of autonomous shipping. Photo: courtesy of DIMECC Oy.