Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos Paita (TPE Paita) in Peru has implemented the Navis N4 2.6 terminal operating system (TOS) in order to help identify and combat existing bottlenecks within the terminal.

TPE Paita is the port concessionaire responsible for developing and managing the Paita port, which is located in the Piura region of northern Peru.

N4 has been chosen by TPE Paita to improve operations by offering increased gate productivity, greater visibility into yard operations and faster vessel processing.

The implementation of N4 addresses operational several challenges, including accurate data and reporting, as well as efficient cargo transport for increased terminal productivity.

A 30-year concession was awarded to TPE Paita to modernise and operate the port in 2009, and the port has since implemented a three-stage expansion plan. The first stage was completed in 2014.

The company will also operate the new container terminal and oversee the equipment of modern equipment and infrastructure, including technology such as N4,

It will also be responsible for positioning the port of Paita as one of the main points of development for foreign trade across the region.

Navis Americas vice-president and general manager Chuck Schneider said: "Peru’s agriculture sector is rapidly expanding and will nearly double in volume in the next few years, so it is critical that local terminals like TPE Paita that specialise in fresh cargo handling are able to cope with the anticipated upsurge in produce trade.

"As volume increases, the ability to reduce logistics costs and assure product quality will provide a competitive advantage for terminal operators, and TPE Paita’s recent investments in modernising its infrastructure and equipment make it an attractive option for shipping lines coming to the region.

"TPE Paita’s recent investments in modernising its infrastructure and equipment make it an attractive option for shipping lines coming to the region."

"The investment in N4 will not only ensure time savings and cost-efficient cargo movements, but will improve quality processes to supply better produce, making TPE Paita a competitive point in the Atlantic-Pacific intermodal connection.”

The terminal previously faced many operational challenges prior to the implementation of N4, including maintaining accurate records of port stays, the location of containers in the yard and the effective use of container handling equipment.

TPE Paita will now be able to offer customers reduced waiting times for ships' entrance to port and shorter port stays via the use of the N4 system.

It will also improve overall efficiency of operations by decreasing terminal operating costs, reducing data entry and paperwork, as well as helping improve yard capacity.

TPE Paita operations manager Yuri Quispe said: "The combination of our highly trained staff, supported by the latest generation of equipment, plus a world-class software like Navis N4, provides TPE Paita the strength and reliability demanded by the industry.

"With Navis’ help, we were able to train our staff on the new system, while maintaining the current level of cargo coming in and out of the terminal.

"Since our go-live, the Navis system has helped us address several operational challenges and radically improve processes across the terminal, and we look forward to complementing our operations with additional Navis modules in the future."