Royal Caribbean (RCL) has released concept images of its space and cruise ship called Orbiter of the Galaxies.

The design of the structure will be an amalgamation of the features of RCL’s current fleet of cruiseships.

The Orbiter of the Galaxies is expected to be delivered in 2030.

The ship will feature 270° panoramic space views through two 70° multi-decks with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a gravity defying iFly space walking simulator to allow the guests an experience of walking through space.

"The Orbiter of the Galaxies is expected to be delivered and rendered operational in 2030."

Additionally, RCL is also modifying stage shows for zero gravity and microgravity conditions and the food and drinks menu will be adjusted for space climates.

RCL has found support in the National Space Centre to develop the training programme for staff manning the spaceship on its inaugural voyage.

This will ensure RCL’s gold standard service for the guests embarking on the space cruise ship Orbiter of the Galaxies.

National Space Centre space communications manager Tamela Maciel said: "It’s been a busy time here at the National Space Centre, working with the new build and innovation team on all aspects of space travel, from the physical demands of working in microgravity, all the way through to teaching world class chefs how to prepare tasty food in space."

Image: An artist’s impression of RCL’s upcoming space cruiseship Orbiter of the Galaxies. Photo: courtesy of royalcaribbeanpressoffice@redconsultancy.com.

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