Global maritime tracking technology provider SRT Marine Systems (SRT) has entered into a new non-exclusive agreement with Canada’s exactEarth (eE) after revising an existing AIS satellite agreement between the two companies.

As per the new deal, SRT and eE will continue to have equal rights to use ABSEA technology, which features both SRT and eE owned intellectual property that assists the eE satellite AIS network to detect transmissions from AIS Class B transceivers, which are equipped with ABSEA.

SRT will also continue to receive a share of all gross revenues generated by eE by selling ABSEA data.

"Satellite data is an important accessory option within our MDM system offer."

Additionally, eE and SRT can develop and source new technologies and products independently, and can engage with third parties.

SRT has also been allowed to develop and implement new satellite AIS technologies and data product on its own.

SRT Marine Systems CEO Simon Tucker said: "Satellite data is an important accessory option within our MDM system offer.

“This new agreement enables SRT to leverage our market position and develop and implement new technology and commercial innovations in this field independently.  This will enhance the satellite data product and service options we can offer into the market with our MDM system.

“Our customers will benefit from increased flexibility and service levels to meet their varied requirements."

With the new agreement, which aims to develop customised and improved satellite AIS solution, also allows option to create market specific commercial agreements, in which eE and SRT have decided to work together with the specific terms and conditions.

Based on advanced microsatellite technology, eE provides satellite AIS data services to the global maritime sector.