US-based Veson Nautical has been selected to provide its integrated maritime operations system (IMOS) and Veslink solutions to Italy’s d’Amico Societa di Navigazione and Singapore’s Tata Nyk Shipping for their commercial operations.

Veson noted that its IMOS helps in faster and more strategic decisionmaking, as well as supporting clients to realise revenue growth, protect voyage profit and loss (P&L), and optimise performance.

The solutions can be used as either an installed application, or as a hosted service, called IMOSlive.

"We continue to see global leaders select Veson to keep up with the dynamic business of shipping."

Designed as a cloud-based solution, Veson’s Veslink is an online hub for the collection, analysis, and sharing of maritime data.

It also allows shore-side personnel to transform the constant stream of vessel and market information into a structured picture of their fleet.

Veson Nautical chief operating officer Sean Riley said: “Shipping companies across all verticals and geographies are under immense pressure to streamline processes and allocate assets more effectively.

“We continue to see global leaders select Veson to keep up with the dynamic business of shipping and are thrilled to support the success of our newest clients.”

The company further noted that 26 maritime organisations across various industries have adopted its solutions during the last 12 months.

Around 8,000 users from over 200 owners, charterers, and operators worldwide are currently using a mix of IMOS, IMOSlive, and Veslink solutions.

Currently, Veson Nautical is involved in the supply of maritime commercial management software and services.