Shovket Alerkperova

Turkey’s Palmali Group has launched its new river-sea class Volga-Don max 7,100dwt Shovket Alekperova (project RST22M) tanker at Besiktas Shipyard.

The seventh new RST22M tanker was developed and designed by Odessa-based Marine Engineering Bureau, and is being built as part of a contract for 14 RST22M series ships, with the option to buy another five.

Built with a load-carrying capability of 7,000t, the new tanker fully complies with new international requirements for vegetable oil transportation and has two watertight compartments for floodability reduction.

The RST22M project vessels are 139.95m long, 16.6m wide and are designed to meet the special requirements of Russian and international oil companies, and the additional ecological restrictions of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping ECO Project (ECO-S)-class.

Featuring full revolving rudder propellers, increased trunk and submersible cargo pumps, the RST22M project vessels have no longitudinal bulkhead in CL and no framing in cargo tanks.

Of the 14 ships, Besiktas Shipyard will build seven while the remaining vessels will be constructed at Turkter Shipyard in Tuzla, and at Izmit based Armada Shipyard.

The launch of the first vessel being built at Turkter Shipyard is scheduled for June and it will be delivered by the end of this year. The remaining four will be delivered in 2015.

The first tanker delivery at Armada Shipyard is scheduled for May 2015.

Image: Palmali’s new tanker, Shovket Alekperova. Photo: courtesy of Palmali Group of Companies .