Ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) manufacturer Norwegian Greentech has signed a contract to supply its systems for all vessels owned by Wilson , a Norwegian shipping company.

Currently, Wilson’s fleet includes approximately 120 ships and the majority of them are owned by the company.

For Norwegian Greentech, it is the biggest fleet contract to date.

Norwegian Greentech senior sales manager Jon Olav Kopperstad said: “This is an incredibly important contract that we have worked on for a long time. The contract will help to ensure a high level of activity in Norwegian Greentech for many years to come.”

Norwegian Greentech sales and marketing director Børge Gjelseth said: “This contract gives us a great starting point to further develop our business, both in terms of growth in returns and the number of employees.”

Wilson general director Thorbjørn Dalsøren said: “Norwegian Greentech was chosen because they have the whole package we’ve been looking for. Small space requirement, low energy consumption and service mindedness at a competitive price.

“A few years ago, we were fairly sure we’d have to look abroad to find that kind of service. It’s particularly pleasing in this day and age that a Norwegian supplier won the contract, and that we can, therefore, help to secure jobs in the years ahead.”

The delivery of BWTS will take place during 2020–2024 period.