Japan’s NYK has entered a business alliance agreement with Nakashima Propeller and Fluid Techno to explore the use of energy-saving devices on an existing fleet of ships.

The scope of work will include verifying the fuel efficiency benefits of energy-saving devices, identifying their optimal combinations, and installing them on existing vessels.

According to a statement, NYK aims to trim greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by installing devices on around 50 dry bulk carriers within the next three years.

In the shipbuilding industry, energy-saving devices are developed to allow vessels to operate with less power when the sea is relatively calm.

However, NYK said that respective marine equipment manufacturers have focused on verifying the effects of individual energy-saving devices, which means that the optimal combination and synergistic effects of such devices have not been thoroughly researched.

The statement commented: “To address this issue, NYK will collaborate with Nakashima Propeller, a marine equipment manufacturer that develops and sells ship propellers, as well as energy-saving devices, and Fluid Techno, a ship design company with fluid analysis technology.”

The collaboration will leverage the expertise and know-how of each of the companies to identify the ‘best mix of multiple energy-saving devices’.

Apart from reducing GHG emissions, the initiative also seeks to enhance fuel efficiency by between 1% and 8%.

The step forms a part of NYK’s Sail GREEN brand, which seeks to reduce GHG emissions through eco-friendly cargo transportation.

Earlier in the year, NYK Group took delivery of a methanol-driven chemical tanker named Grouse Sun.