Finnish company Wärtsilä has signed an optimised maintenance agreement with Japanese Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) and Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI).

The agreement, signed in January, enables NYK and MTI to evaluate Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight predictive maintenance service as part of a pilot programme. The assessment will be conducted on two liquified natural gas (LNG) carrier vessels, namely the Marvel Falcon and LNG Sakura.

Wärtsilä anticipates that this pilot programme could result in NYK’s adoption of the solution for its entire fleet.

The analytics and support services offered by Expert Insight will be assessed in combination with the Wärtsilä Optimized Maintenance Lifecycle solution.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics, Expert Insight monitors equipment and systems in real-time. It is designed to spot anomalies, foresee potential problems and enable rapid reaction.

Wärtsilä noted that combining AI and advanced diagnostics with its equipment expertise improves the efficiency and safety of the equipment installed.

NYK marine group manager Shogo Yamada said: “NYK has already commenced operating an Expert-in-the Loop service at our Remote Diagnostics Centre in Manila.

“This anomaly detection system oversees the entire engine plant, and we are confident that the complementing expertise from both our companies will result in the best possible support for our vessels.

“By leveraging big data and artificial intelligence, the maritime industry can greatly increase its efficiency, safety and competitiveness, and we are keen to take advantage of this wherever possible.”

Recently, Wärtsilä signed long-term optimised maintenance agreements covering five LNG carrier vessels owned and operated by Greece-based Minerva Gas.