Wartsila has entered into long-term agreements to carry out optimised maintenance of five LNG Carrier vessels, which are owned and operated by Greece-based Minerva Gas.

As agreed, Wartsila will utilise Expert Insight service that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics to identify anomalies in equipment and systems in real-time.

Once a potential problem is detected, the service alerts specialists at Wärtsilä Expertise Centres to facilitate an appropriate resolution.

According to Wartsila, the use of AI and advanced diagnostics will help in improving the reliability, efficiency, and safety of the installed equipment.

The five vessels to be upgraded are Minerva Kalymnos, Minerva Chios, Minerva Amorgos, Minerva Psara and Minerva Limnos.

The first three are powered by low pressure, WinGD X-DF two-stroke, dual-fuel main engines, while the remaining two run on Wartsila 34DF four-stroke dual-fuel auxiliary engines.

Wartsila Marine Power 2-stroke engine Lifecycle solutions Sales Manager Rajeev Janardhan said: “Our Optimised Maintenance Agreements are an important element within Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle Solutions offering, and a smart way to ensure optimal performance from modern marine engines.

“The implementation of Expert Insight is especially relevant since it can deliver an estimated fifty percent reduction in unplanned maintenance activities, and a two to five percent improvement in fuel efficiency, with a corresponding reduction in emissions.”

Minerva Gas chief operating officer Sokratis Dimakopoulos said: “To achieve optimal operational efficiency and reliability, we intend to take advantage of the latest and most advanced technology available.

“These tailored agreements with Wartsila allow us to benefit from condition monitoring of the engines, maintenance planning, remote operational support, and of course Expert Insight, all supported by their global service network.

“Minerva Gas is committed to delivering reliable and flawless operations and these agreements with Wärtsilä assist us in meeting our objectives by using advanced tools and solutions in better managing our costs and risks.”

Last month, Wartsila signed two long-term optimised maintenance agreements with Japan-based NYK LNG Ship Management.