South Korean ship maker Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has secured Lloyd’s Register (LR) approval for the network security digital component of its Integrated Smartship Solution (ISS).

LR noted that it is the first-ever type approval of a digital component.

LR said that the digital type approval means the approved component carries out its functionality impeccably.

The London-based maritime classification society further said that HHI’s first line network security component complies with the latest LR type approval test specifications.

The digital component met the requirements as indicated in LR’s type approval system process for components that are part of digital systems onboard ships.

With the approval, HHI will be able to supply its network security digital components for the international market.

HHI senior executive vice-president Hyung-Kwan Kim said: “We are glad to receive this digital type approval certificate from LR for the first line network security component of our smart ship system, ISS.

“We will continue our efforts to lead the digitalisation of the marine and offshore industry in order to maximise the benefit for our customers with new technology, ensuring it is applied safely.”

Forming a barrier between the controlled internal networks and untrusted outside networks, HHI’s first line network security helps to mitigate information and operational vulnerabilities when an excessive amount of data is stored, processed and transmitted by digital systems onboard ships.

LR North Asia technical support office manager Young-Doo Kim said: “We have been working closely with HHI to ensure that the first line network security component of their smart ship solution meets our digital type approval requirements.

“We are very pleased to issue this digital type approval certificate to HHI and we believe this is the first step in moving towards digital ships, consisting of approved digital components with safeguards in place to protect against cyber incidents.”

In June, HHI signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Norwegian chemical firm Jotun for the supply of marine paints.