Swedish ferry operator Stena Line has partnered with Semcon to develop a data management solution to boost the sustainability, efficiency and profitability of its fleet.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data management system forms part of the Stena Line’s digital transformation initiative.

Semcon will be responsible for developing a platform that can manage all data needed for a new digital offer.

As part of the pilot programme, Semcon will create solutions for additional Stena Line AI projects in the future.

Semcon Digital Solutions global business director Carl-Johan Aldén said: “Stena Line is embarking upon a fantastic data transformation initiative and we are able to create smart data management solutions that allow new digital services to be implemented.”

According to the agreement, semantics and information structure experts and the AI teams of both Semcon and Stena Line will work together to create a scalable and dynamic semantic layer.

It will help to connect all the existing data from different systems.

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According to Semcon, a human or another advanced AI solution can access the data, as required.

Stena Line AI head Lars Carlsson said: “Stena Line’s ambition is to be the world’s first cognitive ferry operator using AI throughout the entire organisation. To succeed in this, we need to structure all our data and intelligence and make it available.

“This may involve financial and operational data, for example. It will be exciting to see what new values we can create together with Semcon.”

In October, Stena Line concluded its ship Stena Estrid’s sea trials in the Yellow Sea in China. The ship will operate on the Dublin to Holyhead route.