Sweden’s new freight port Stockholm Norvik Port has opened and welcomed its first container ship on 27 May.

The Unifeeder vessel SCA Tunadal was the maiden container ship call of the port. It has marked the completion of the construction project for the port.

The region of Stockholm contributed to approximately half of the consumption of cargo in the country and the new freight port will increase the opportunities to transport the cargo via sea to as close to their destination as possible.

Ports of Stockholm marketing and sales manager Johan Wallén said: “It is a fantastic feeling to be able at last to open Stockholm Norvik Port and to know that we can now assure the sustainable transport of goods to and from the greater Stockholm region for many, many years to come.”

The terminal is open for vessel calls and shore-based business operations. It is operated by Hutchison Ports, which is one of the largest container terminal operators in the world.

Hutchison Ports Stockholm CEO Lawrence Yam added: “We are looking forward to being able to offer our customers the best possible service at a newly built port that provides efficient port infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment.”

Nine of ten goods arrive in Sweden by sea and the new port will improve the goods transportation network.

The port offers ‘modern and efficient transport solutions’ due to its proximity to the main shipping fairways, natural depth of 16.5m and land infrastructure connections such as a new railway line.

The opening of the port during the Covid-19 pandemic and the outbreak highlights the need for a functional supply of goods and the need to maintain global and national transport links.

The other part of the port, roll-on / roll-off (RoRo) terminal, is under construction and will open in the second half of 2020.