Value Maritime has joined forces with Carbon Collectors to conduct a conceptual design study for a new fleet of marine gasoil (MGO)-powered tug vessels.

The new fleet of tugs, which will be constructed by Carbon Collectors, will be installed with Value Maritime’s Filtree scrubber solution, which integrates a carbon capture feature.

Designed for all ship types, Filtree is a modern system that cleans both air and water.

Using Value Maritime’s technology, the partnership will evaluate the feasibility of capturing carbon on board the MGO-fuelled vessels to make sure that Carbon Collectors’ fleet is CO₂ neutral from the start.

Both firms will explore and determine the needed installed power of the diesel generators, as well as capital expenditure and operating expenses.

Best discharge options for the captured CO₂ will also be investigated and determined, along with optimal solutions for unloading and underground storage.

Value Maritime director and co-founder Christiaan Nijst said: “This is a first for us. We’ve conducted many studies in relation to larger sea-going vessels but now Carbon Collectors are affording us the opportunity to apply our carbon capture expertise to tugs, extending the reach of our sustainable shipping solutions.”

Carbon Collectors is planning to use Value Maritime’s carbon capture module to the fullest extent after the design is proven.

Currently, a custom fleet of power-efficient tugs is being designed. Construction of the first vessels is expected to be commenced in the first quarter of 2024.

With operations scheduled to begin by 2026, it is hoped that the MGO-fuelled tugs will be able to efficiently capture all CO₂ emissions on board.

Last month, Value Maritime was selected by BG Freight Line to equip its Filtree and carbon capture system on board two of the latter’s container vessels, BG Onyx and BG Ruby.