Israel-based Windward has introduced a new capability, Container Insights, to improve the company’s existing Cargo Insights by offering live screening and tracking of containers, along with bill of lading (BOL) verification.

This new capability will streamline and improve the efficiency of screening procedures for trade finance deals.

It will also allow government agencies to inspect suspicious containers, giving them a complete view of ships, firms and containers under a single platform.

In a statement, Windward said: “Containers are also commonly used for the smuggling of illicit goods.

“To counter this trend, governments need to have a full picture of all actors, vessels and cargo within their domain and have the ability to identify suspicious activity before smuggled goods reach their shores.”

Eventually, this solution will be able to support border control, along with customs and law enforcement operations in real time.

The solution will deliver data and tracking information regarding any container of interest and will be able to link the container to any ship, location and company.

With Windward’s new solution, users will be able to oversee the container’s location, its status and estimated time of arrival in real time.

In addition, Container Insights will yield an autonomous validation capability for BOL verification.

With insights on the actual delivery status, the solution will allow stakeholders to take important transaction steps.

Windward CEO and co-founder Ami Daniel said: “Maritime trade is multi-faceted and often stakeholders don’t have all of the insights they need to fully assess the risks involved.

“Risk insights for containers of interest and BOL verification are essential for any entity that deals with global trade to understand the full picture of who they’re conducting business with. This new capability combined with our Company Risk and Vessel Insights provides our users with a one-stop-shop for all maritime trade operations.”

Windward is a predictive intelligence firm, employing artificial intelligence to transform global maritime trade.

Last October, Windward partnered with several businesses in the maritime field, including four shipping companies, to drive digital transformation in the shipping industry.