Yara Marine has won a contract to install shore power systems on board three vessels of roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) and ropax operator, Finnlines.

The shore power solution will enable the vessels to link to the local power grid when in port, allowing them to use electricity instead of auxiliary engines operating on fuel.

Scheduled to be deployed this year, the turnkey solutions will allow Finnlines to phase out shipboard emissions in port, and reduce its environmental footprint.

Yara Marine’s turnkey shore power solution is expected to reduce the complexity of installation, and minimise project-related risks such as fleet-wide installations.

Finnlines COO Thomas Doepel said: “Finnlines is committed to providing sustainable and responsible transportation options in the Baltic and North Seas.”

Using shore power, the shipping industry can cut down its fuel consumption and meet strict emissions regulations, as well as transition to net-zero emissions.

Multiple government ministers and port authorities have signed a joint commitment for the electrification of ports by 2028 at the One Ocean Summit.

According to Yara Marine, it is demonstrating an industry vision of using shore power as a potential source to achieve decarbonisation targets.

Yara Marine Technologies CSO Aleksander Askeland said: “We look forward to working with Finnlines to provide solutions that will maximise benefits across the board.”

Last year in November, Canadian marine shipping firm Algoma Central chose Yara Marine’s FuelOpt propulsion optimisation technology for installation on board eight vessels.