ArcSystem is a comprehensive range of LED lighting fixtures and control options specifically designed for auditorium and arena spaces where the quality of light, precise dimming control and ease of installation are primary factors.

Wireless operation allows for rapid integration of the whole ArcSystem with existing auditorium lighting installations.

GDS ArcLamps represent a breakthrough in the replacement of traditional tungsten lamps with comparable, yet low power, LED units.

Multiple ArcLamps can be controlled by the ARC-D4 ArcLamp driver range, which performs the important task of converting wireless or wired control signals into smooth, step-less dimming.

To deliver full flexibility, we offer a choice of models to suit the particular requirements of your installation. Full details are available in the datasheet.

The TX1 ArcMesh transmitter controls and coordinates the ArcSystem drivers and lighting fixtures in response to inputs from wireless auditorium button panels and / or an external DMX feed from a lighting console.

Initial setup and ongoing maintenance are performed using the ARC-CT Commissioning Tool.

This wireless USB dongle and accompanying software allow the system to be configured and fine-tuned from any location within the installation space, using just a basic notebook computer.