ArcSystem is a comprehensive range of LED lighting fixtures and control options specifically designed for auditorium and arena spaces where quality of light, precise dimming control and ease of installation are primary factors.

Wireless operation allows for rapid integration of the whole ArcSystem with existing auditorium lighting installations. The ArcSystem range features numerous lighting fixtures, the larger of which have their own inbuilt wireless receivers and power drivers.

For the smaller ArcSystem fixtures that don’t, we provide a range of drivers, with the range-topping ARC-D48 models offering very high capacity to support many separate fixtures with smooth, step-less dimming.

Control signals are received as wired DMX, most commonly from a TX1 ArcMesh transmitter, which operates in response to inputs from wireless auditorium button panels and / or an external DMX feed from a lighting console.

Please note, ARC-D48 drivers do not accept wireless signals.

Initial setup and ongoing maintenance are performed using remote device management (RDM) across the wired DMX link. Various third-party RDM devices are available for this purpose.