Accredited Online Training and Education Packages: Personal, My Ship and My Port


Based on our experience with shipboard water quality testing and use in ballast water treatment system development, Assure Controls understands that crews will be in unfamiliar territory, and that personnel changes on vessels are common.

Starting with industry-based, crew-oriented, shipboard operational questions, we combined communication technologies and embedded contextual guidance to create a novel and engaging ballast water compliance management system which is both online (when at port) and onboard (when at sea).

The three packages are priced for the lowest cost compliance, about $2.00 per day for a ship or a port; this low cost is hard to match and accomplish with internal resources, such as busy officers and unfamiliar port state control personnel.

Recognised for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) certification valid until 30 August 2020. Assure Controls’ ballast water training and education packages in the Technician Certification Center, are your means to a ‘Ballast Water Compliance Support System’, providing online training, building your documents and plans, and providing updates.

Ballast water compliance regulations have more than 30 known changes anticipated in the first year. Given hundreds of ships, ports, and individual mariners needing to be trained on ballast water compliance requirements from the IMO and USCG, such an online capability for certifications ensures consistency and transparency.