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Technician Certification Center: Ballast Water Accredited Training for Ships, Ports, and Mariners

Assure Controls is a product development and marketing company with specialised measurement and reporting expertise for commercial, and maritime environmental applications.



The ‘Technical Certification Center’ is accredited training, with a concentration on the ballast water application, targeted at three audiences: Ships, Ports, and Mariners. These are delivered via an innovative platform ‘The Ballast Water Channel’ resulting in a comprehensive Ballast Water Compliance Support System, implemented on your vessel or port.

‘My Ship’, ‘My Port’, and ‘Personal’ are annual subscriptions purchased via several payment methods, in one uniform access, under password control. The Institute of Marine Science, Technology and Engineering (IMarEST) has reviewed, accredited, the course materials from Assure Controls for Professional Development (CPD).

IMarEST is the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals. Accreditation is seen by the shipping and maritime community as a commitment to professional development and lifelong learning.

The QwikLite 200 Biosensor System tests contaminants and performs toxicity assessments. It features the latest optics, electronics, and software in a small laboratory unit.
Deballasting operations for ships have been greatly affected by the International Maritime Organization Ballast Water Convention, ratified 9 September 2016.
The QwikLite 200 Biosensor System measures predictable changes in the physiology of small marine plankton.
Ballast water sampling and testing is an additional requirement for the maritime industry following the IMO Ballast Water Convention.
Ballast water samples can be taken and tested within four hours of being collected by the company.
The company's water quality testing instrument uses test cartridges specifically designed for our instrument and testing process.
Port State Control will be responsible for compliance monitoring enforcement (CME), which could involve inspection, BW sampling, and testing.
Rapid water quality assessment is beneficial for both owners / operators and Port State Control compliance enforcement.
Samples from a ballast water compartment taken before and after treatment for confirmation.
Water quality assessment results are graphically represented for the user to interpret results and take action as soon as possible.

Depending on the package, there are 31 Lessons in quick segments of one-minute videos, as well as a supporting document, link to sources, and templates for ballast water compliance documentation requirements. Over 15 assessment quizzes are included, which track completion for employee/crew documentation.

The three packages are priced for the lowest cost compliance, about $2.00 per day for a ship or a port. This low cost is hard to match and accomplish with internal resources, such as busy officers and unfamiliar port state control personnel.

Mandated crew and employee training: when new regulations are passed

Faced with a variety of requirements to meet new environmental compliance, specifically ship and port based ballast water management practices; the maritime industry is mandated by precedents that are decades old, when officers and crew (or ports) are required to meet regulations, their employers are responsible to train them on the new job requirements, and consequences of noncompliance.

The Technician Certifications (via CPDs) delivered on The Ballast Water Channel meet these obligations in a low cost, efficient and consistent implementation, and has the templates and procedures explained for vessel documentation, ship inspections, and legally required transparency.

Given hundreds of ships, ports, and individual mariners needing to be trained on ballast water compliance requirements from the IMO and USCG, this online capability for certifications ensures consistency and transparency.

This methodology provides consistent training, saves time, saves money, ensures retention, and documents proficiency. The Technician Certification Center is updated as any regulations or procedures are announced, is available 24×7, and provides records (certifications) of new skills.

System for measuring ballast water contamination

Assure Controls’ QwikLiteTM 200 Biosensor System and test kits measure contaminants in ballast water discharges, and validate the operational performance of BWTS on-board ships.

With a 4h response time, the company’s testing systems ensure the correct functioning of BWTS, prevent contaminated discharges, enhance consistency, and reduce costs, disruption and discomfort.

Ballast water-compliance support systems

The Ballast Water Channel is an online platform providing concise, packaged ballast water (BW)information, directed at the individual requirements of crew members, port state control officials, and ship’s BW operations These stakeholders are the party most affected by these new regulations, but the least represented.

This platform is a ballast water-compliance support system (BW-CSS). All versions are copyrighted, and the educational titles are updated frequently and based upon topics to meet individual job requirements.

The Ballast Water Channel is the main brand, and there are variations of the education, training, records and documentation requirements for different needs: My Port, Ballast Water Channel- Personal, and the downloadable onboard version My Ship feature a ballast water management plan, all required training titles, crew records, ballast water record / reporting forms, and other BW compliance requirements.

Biological reporting for environmental compliance

Assure Controls aims to provide new tools, methods and skills for biological reporting to ensure ship and port-based ballast water management practices comply with environmental requirements.

The company aims to reduce operation costs by using optimal practices and innovative prognostic tools to meet water quality standards.

Online platform for ballast water resource management

The Ballast Water Channel is created and produced with the philosophy that compliance must be a level playing field. Secondly, crew members are critical to compliance actions, and crews change frequently so training must be consistently available. In addition, English might be a second language, and training materials need to be aimed at a high school education level.

Thirdly, the lowest cost of operations is achieved by consistent application of best practices. These best management practices should be shared equally and rapidly by the industry. However, the site does not recommend a specific BW treatment technology, nor does it replace vendor equipment training.

The Ballast Water Channel is not a discussion forum, but a frequently updated platform for BW management resources and industry-recommended topics.

Biological reporting for environmental compliance

Assure Controls aims to provide new tools, methods and skills for biological reporting to ensure ship and port-based ballast water management practises comply with environmental requirements.

The company aims to reduce operation costs by using optimal practices and innovative prognostic tools to meet water quality standards.

Crew member training and ballast water compliance management systems

Assure Controls understands that crew members are critical for maintaining compliance actions and change frequently, so training must be consistently available.

The company combines communication technologies and guidance to create a ballast water compliance management system, both online at port and on-board at sea.

About Assure Controls

Assure Controls focuses on helping its customers to meet demanding measurement and reporting challenges in maritime environments. Our objective is to make complex processes more predictable and reliable through constant innovation and service.

Our experience allows us to pursue gains or advances in terms of measurement or reporting technologies for higher accuracy, lower cost, better management decision-making, or timeliness.

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  • Assure Controls 'Ballast Water Channel' Receives Professional Development Recognition After IMAREST Review

    After formal submission and review by the Professional Development Working Group of The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), Assure Controls was notified that the members were most impressed by 'The Ballast Water Channel' education and training courses, and have recognised it as contributing to an individual member's professional development requirements. The certification is valid until 30 August 2020.


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  • Water Quality Assessment and Testing

    The QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System is used for testing contaminants and performing toxicity assessments. Employing the latest in optics, electronics and software computing, the QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System combines several components into a small laboratory instrument.

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