The role of the maritime industry in achieving global sustainability goals has come into the focus of everyone during the past years. The monitoring of ship’s emissions is one of the ways to achieve sustainability goals and among the many indices
that are monitored by authorities, the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) is the one to show how efficiently a ship is transporting goods or persons in terms of carbon emissions. The annual rating of the vessel in these terms is nothing new, but the rating thresholds becoming increasingly stringent over time is something that has not been in the
focus of ship operators or owners so far. Corrective action plans are required if a ship remains in a lower category for too long and this changes the demands of maritime users with regard to vessel performance software.

Navis’ Bluetracker One CII Module not only helps shipowners, managers, or operators to monitor emissions compliance data but also enables them to predict corrective actions and simulate the results of their plans for evolving emission compliance. A long-term perspective on sustainability actions can now be checked and proved with regards to required results.

Navis solution

Bluetracker One CII Module uses the high quality compliance data collected to monitor the vessel’s actual sustainability performance over time. But even more important, it provides you with the possibility to look into the future. It helps you to predict what kind of actions would be required to move your vessel into either a higher sustainability ranking or let it stay safely inside the same ranking category even if ranking thresholds become more stringent. Using AI and ML this module also enables the owner, manager or operator of the vessel to simulate future results of their plans for compliance with regards to the evolving sustainability limits of future compliance regulations.