An introduction to, and overview of , the various type approved modules available to vessels of all types and sizes.

Lopolight offers a broad range of navigation light control (NLC) and monitoring solutions that satisfies the needs of any maritime professional, for any vessel of any size.

Power supply

For classed vessels we offer class approved power supplies from Phoenix, with options of AC or DC. Extra large power supplies are available for Ice Class installations for part numbers:

  • 500-200-1AC
  • 500-202-2AC
  • 500-203-1AC/1DC
  • 500-204-2DC
  • 500-205-2AC Ice class

Alternatively we have a more compact option of the high-quality DC/DC power supply from Victron for part numbers:

  • 500-210-1DC
  • 500-211-2DC
  • 500-212-2DC Ice class
  • 500-213-No power supply

Navigation light controller

This is the core of the system for controlling and monitoring your navigation lights with the unique Lopolight monitor relay, one for each light. The system is scalable from four up to 60 lights.

Control options

To control your NLC you have several choices.

Push button

The classic robust panel is available in three sizes depending on the number of lights to control. It is available for 14, 21 and 28 lights. Each panel has four group functions for the single operation of light
configurations such as running, anchor, RAM, and NUC. Lights can be paired with automatic backup and both light-light failure and power failure is constantly monitored with both audible and visible warnings. You can pair the lights, and any alarms are both visible and audible.

The panel has a RS-232 port that can be used for remote output/input. An NMEA 0183 interface is built-in, offering status output for alarm handling systems, VDR and AMS. More than one panel can be connected to a system allowing, easy control for a double bridge installation on vessels such as double
ended ferries.

Remote control can easily be established via the remote relay control module, or if a classic mimic is required, the smart controller is available.

For Navy and SAR vessels, special versions of these panels with nav light dimming function are available. The panels can be waterproofed to IP67. Each panel is engraved to customer specification in the language of your choice.

Mimic panel

The latest addition to our range is the interactive MIMIC panel. As the name indicates, it presents a mimic of your vessel, and through the touch interface, is directly controllable from the screen.

With an unlimited number of light groups, and the possibility of creating group interactions such as when the anchor lights are activated, the running light will turn off. This mimic panel is extremely versatile.

A comprehensive alarm log is readily accessible for the oncoming watch. The mimic panel is powered by a compact Linux computer sitting at the NLC core that works as a webserver (TCP/IP). If more than one screen(client) is needed, then you can add a client computer that will connect to the web-server, and provide relevant alarm functions.

The mimic panel system is also an excellent choice for autonomous vessels. The computer (either webserver or dedicated client) connects to the monitor via DP or DVI and USB for touch. Lopolight can supply the monitor or we can connect to an already-existing monitor.

Based on a line drawing (side view) of your vessel we will create a mimic, set-up your lights, and the system will be ready to go!


Our lights are tested and approved to IMO 253(83), IEC60945, IACS10 and MIL STD 461F standards, and are type approved by Lloyds Register and ABS. From 4 to 60 lights, our system can grow with you from the simplest installation, to the most complex communication solution, from single controls to multiple mimic panels.

The Lopolight system provides single operation of multiple lights, for example, press one button and port, starboard, stern and masthead lights come on. It also connects to ships power supplies, from 24VDC to 264VAC.

Without human intervention, the system will detect and correct a failure event and instantly notify you of any power or light failures.

The system retains full monitoring and control even when the thermostat controlled ice class nav lights are switching between heating and not.

Retro-fit ready, with no additional cable or labour costs to install ice class lighting. Optional pre-heating of lights is also available, ensuring that ice-class signal light are always ready for deployment.

11 step dimming of the nav lights can be activated on a light group, or individually. Even in dimmed state, the nav lights are precisely monitored.

Our modular systems provide multiple communication protocols, from VDR ready signals, to TCP/IP

With the Mimic panel it is exceptionally easy to control the nav lights remotely. The lights are also fully compliant with the Safe Return To Port requirements.