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Engine Order Telegraph (EOT)

Engine Order Telegraph Brochure

sm electrics‘ Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) and Emergency Engine Order Telegraph Systems (EEOT) formerly designed and distributed by Stein Sohn Interschalt respectively represent the embodiment of safe and sustained µP controlled human-machine interface as a basic part of the connected remote propulsion system.

Type approved by major classification societies the equipment is available for various control application. The highly integrated system is administrating a single interface to the potential propulsion system by high-precision shock-resistant potentiometer, contact-free optical current transmitter or other defined physical interface unit. The well-established µP controlled ‘Electrical Shaft’ allows a secure Bridge FWD EOT’s remote control by corresponding lever controller located typically on the Bridge Wings and/or Bridge AFT.

A simplified µP controlled Emergency Engine Order Telegraph (EEOT) system operates as the final back-up system in a case the general propulsion remote control system and its back-up mechanism fails.

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