sm electrics‘ Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) and Emergency Engine Order Telegraph Systems (EEOT) formerly designed and distributed by Stein Sohn Interschalt respectively represent the embodiment of safe and sustained µP controlled human-machine interface as a basic part of the connected remote propulsion system.

Type approved by major classification societies the equipment is available for various control application. The highly integrated system is administrating a single interface to the potential propulsion system by high-precision shock-resistant potentiometer, contact-free optical current transmitter or other defined physical interface unit. The well-established µP controlled ‘Electrical Shaft’ allows a secure Bridge FWD EOT’s remote control by corresponding lever controller located typically on the Bridge Wings and/or Bridge AFT.

A simplified µP controlled Emergency Engine Order Telegraph (EEOT) system operates as the final back-up system in a case the general propulsion remote control system and its back-up mechanism fails.