sm electrics provides specialized electrical engineering services for naval applications, with a focus on the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of electrical / acoustic alarm systems for marine, offshore and industrial plants.

Its key products include the bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS), Signal Light Column System, Bridge Alert Management System (BAM), Engine Order Telegraph (EOT), NAS 24 (Binary Alarm System) and Telegraph Logger (command printer).

Signal Light Column System

The Signal Light Column System is a mini-PLC based light signal, stand-alone visual alarm system that can also be adapted to your alarm and monitoring logic. It provides visual and / or audible alarm signals for a variety of configurable parameters, controlled by the control unit.

The BNWAS monitors the awareness of the OOW.
Our light signal devices (LSD) 309 dynamic acoustics control (dac), µP based acoustics controller, automatically adapts an LSD's sound level to the ambient noise level around it (offset: +5dB(A)).
The BNWAS monitors bridge activity and detects operator disability.
sm electrics provide specialised electrical engineering services for naval applications.

Watch alarm system (bridge navigational watch alarm system)

The bridge navigational watch alarm system monitors bridge activity and detects operator disability that could lead to marine accidents. The system monitors the awareness of the officer of the watch (OOW) and automatically alerts the master or another qualified person if for any reason the OOW becomes incapable of performing their duties.

Telegraph logger (command printer)

The sm electrics telegraph logger (command printer) has been designed to replace an outdated bell logger (telegraph printer). The command list of the telegraph logger is able to represent up to 60,000 commands before the list gets refreshed.

The telegraph logger will periodically execute an internal backup of the command list, which will be exported to an excel sheet. All files are named with the specific timestamp and kept in an internal system folder.

NAS 24 nautical alarm system

The NAS 24 nautical alarm system has been designed to indicate binary alarms on a common screen especially for marine applications.

All alarm channels are permanently indicated even though they are not active to give a full overview of the monitored states. Compact i/o module to be mounted on terminal rail TS35 and type approved by all major classes.

Bridge Alert Management (BAM) with integrated BNWAS

The Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) has been designed to give sustained support to the Officer of the Watch, especially in multiple alarm situations by merging all possible alerts into a harmonised presentation on a central screen. This centralised alarm management tool is guiding the OOW by indicating all connected nautical systems in graduated categories.

The bridge alert management system BAM le guardian 3000 controls all audible alarms on the bridge by a bi-directional alarm, acknowledge and sound off interface. The system provides alarm specific instruction assisting the OOW to react appropriately. A continuous event log ensures data is permanently available for systematic analysis of critical incidents or other exceptionals.

An integrated type-approved (wheel marked) bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) transfers unattended alarms automatically to selected backup officer areas. A connecting module is monitoring all BNWAS alarm devices and reset facilities. Intelligent features, such as a self-test routine, are included as standard, evidence of the company’s long-standing experience.

Engine order telegraph (EOT)

sm electrics’ Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) and Em’cy Engine Order Telegraph Systems (EEOT) formerly designed and distributed by Interschalt respectively Stein Sohn represent the embodiment of safe and sustained µP controlled human-machine interface embedded as a basic part into the connected propulsion remote control system.

Type approved by major classification societies the equipment is available for various control applications. The highly integrated system is administrating a single interface to the potential propulsion system by a high-precision shock-resistant potentiometer, contact-free optical current transmitter or other defined physical interface unit. The well-established µP controlled ‘Electrical Shaft’ allows a secure Bridge FWD EOT’s remote control by corresponding lever controller located typically on the Bridge Wings and/or Bridge AFT.

A simplified µP controlled Emergency Engine Order Telegraph (EEOT) system operates as the final back-up system in a case the general propulsion remote control system and its back-up mechanism fail.

Maritime electrical engineering services

sm electrics also provides a wide array of electrical engineering services for maritime applications, such as general engineering work, circuit layouts and wiring diagrams, design of electrical / mechanical components and production of documentation.

Planning, design, manufacture and conversion of bridge, wing and ECR consoles

For bridge, wing and ECR consoles, sm electrics applies its vast experience to provide complete services from initial consultation and planning, through to design and manufacturing of the consoles, through to the conversion of the existing bridge, wing and ECR consoles.

Electrical component design and assembly

sm electrics also provides services for the partial and complete assembly of electrical cabinets and mass components, parameter settings and final tests of PCBs, PLC software engineering, prototyping and commissioning, maintenance and service of electrical components and systems.