Enwa PWT – corrosion protective water treatment

The Enwa PWT is ideal for preventing rusty freshwater on ships and offshore installations.

Accumulated water treatment experiences have taught us that mixed water quality from bunker, RO and FWG, combined with unsuited or mixed piping materials (carbon steel, 316, plastic) and inadequate water treatment, result in costly down-time and wide-ranging repairs, due to corrosion, pitting, scaling and unfortunately severe health challenges. To avoid such issues, approximately 3,000 environmentally friendly PWT systems have been successfully delivered to demanding maritime and offshore customers, as well as shore-based industries.

Benefits of the Enwa PWT are:

  • Protects equipment from further corrosion
  • Removes rust and scale from piping
  • Stops red coloured water
  • Original flow is restored
  • Easy to install

PWT on ships and platforms

Incorporating the Enwa PWT on your ship or platform will:

  • Instantly remove discolored water
  • Stop corrosion, pitting and scaling
  • Remove old corrosion scale – restoring flow
  • Protect the Hydrophore system against further corrosion
  • Reduce risks of negative health effects
  • Easily be installed due to its "Plug and Play" installation

PWT in new builds

We assist in the design of Hydrophore systems to:

  • Avoid disruptive corrosion and rust coloured water from day one
  • Avoid unneeded use of expensive materials
  • Avoid unneeded investments in sub-systems
  • Avoid challenging health effects
  • Secure the very best life cycle cost (LCC) advantages