Enwa Watermaker SW 15-37T RO – producing drinking water from seawater using reverse osmosis membrane process

Enwa´s new Watermaker SW series produces drinking water from seawater based upon the reliable and environmentally friendly reverse osmosis membrane technique. The new series is deigned for marine and offshore installations.

The capacity range is between 10-37T per 24 hours from seawater with a temperature of 25°C at a total dissolved solids (TDS) of 35,500. The quality of the produced water is continuously monitored by a built-in salinity meter to ensure compliance with WHO guidelines.

This new and unique design is based upon modular add-on’s, in accordance with the highest HSE demands, as well as for easy access, service and maintenance.

The unit, which is Green Passport ready and has a small footprint for Plug and Play operation and installation, is prepared for installation of the energy saving device for all capacities.

The new unique design incorporates a touchscreen display for ergonomic HMI demands, and the unit is prepared for communication to ECR or IACS, for example via profibus / MODBUS.

The standard RO unit includes:

  • Design that is prepared for modular design add-on’s
  • High-pressure piping system in stainless-steel 316l material
  • Direct driven media lubricated high-pressure pump
  • Continuous control of product water quality via a salinity meter and a pneumatic three-way valve
  • Automatic flush after each stop, via an active carbon cartridge filter (neutralising chlorine) with warning system for maintenance
  • Low-pressure switch before the HP pump
  • Hi-Flow cartridge filter 20in, five micron, for feed water
  • Pressure gauges (four pieces), mounted on gauge board
  • Pressure relief valves (three pieces)
  • Digital flow meter for product water, in display
  • Remote start/stop
  • Latest membrane design

Optional equipment available for the RO includes:

  • CIP 100l cleaning tank with pump, heater, stirrer and connections
  • Re-hardening filter in stainless-steel 316l to increase pH value of product water
  • Energy recovery unit
  • UV steriliser
  • Dosing equipment with or without flow meter for chlorination, anti-scaling or chlorine removal
  • Pre-filtration sand filters or mechanical automatic back washing filters
  • Feed pump or pressure-reducing valve for seawater
  • Second stage membrane system for technical water production
  • CO2 dosing system