enwa watermaker

Enwa Watermaker – producing drinking water from seawater using reverse osmosis membrane technique

The Enwa Watermaker produces drinking water from seawater using a process based on the reverse osmosis membrane technique.
The Watermaker capacities are 1,500, 2,300, 1,800, 3,200, 4,500, 5,500 or 6,000l per 24 hours from seawater (25°C). The quality of the drinking water produced by the Watermaker is continuously monitored by a salinity meter. The device, which was designed to be ideal for simple service and maintenance, is also available as a split mounted version.

The Enwa Watermaker unit is suitable for:

  • Commercial vessels
  • Fishing boats
  • Sailing boats
  • Households with sea water

Features of the standard Watermaker include:

  • High pressure plunger pump
  • Continuoes control of the outgoing water quality, via a salinity meter and a dumping valve
  • Automatic flush after each stop, via a carbon cartridge filter (neutralising the chlorine)
  • Low pressure switch before the high pressure pump
  • Feed water particle filter (five micron)
  • Feed water pressure gauge
  • Safety valves
  • Flow meter for production flow
  • All electrical equipment minimum IP54
  • Low pressure switch on the suction side of the high pressure pump
  • Level switch in water tank can be connected for start and stop