EnwaMatic® – for engine cooling water and chilled water / HVAC-systems

Keep your systems clean without chemicals

EnwaMatic is a cost-effective alternative to chemical dosing and offers an ideal documented ‘Clean Ship’ water treatment environment.

If any freshwater-based, closed loop, cooling or heating system is left without treatment, the system will rapidly deteriorate causing operational problems and high maintenance cost.

Effective water treatment from the EnwaMatic ensures system efficiency is maintained and equipment life is pro-longed.

Environment friendly and safe to handle

Through its non-abrasive, non-toxic and self-regulating cooling fluid treatment, EnwaMatic eliminates the need for chemical additives, thus protecting both the environment and personnel.

As the EnwaMatic is chemical free, the risk of bacteria growth, such as nitrite reducing bacteria, is significantly diminished. The stainless-steel filter tank is insulated and encapsulated in a tough outer casing. Mounting holes are fitted as standard for securing the units to the deck.

Benefits of the EnwaMatic are:

  • Environmentally sound technology
  • Continuous filtration and self-regulating water treatment
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency
  • Extended lifetime
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Cost-effective alternative to chemical dosing