Fuel consumption represents one of the main operation costs for vessels. IMO’s new environmental regulations state that sulphur oxide emissions (SOx) must be controlled inside IMO’s designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs) through the use of low-sulphur fuel, which further increases costs.

The fuel changeover system (FCS) delivers optimum fuel savings while responding to IMO’s sulphur emission thresholds, by intelligently ensuring that the mix of HFO and MGO in the fuel supply system maintains sulphur levels below the legal threshold.

System operation

The FCS operates through an intelligent control system, which automatically stabilises the appropriate mix between high and low-sulphur content fuels according to the desired sulphur content (<1%).

This allows for total flexibility of sulphur content control in the final blend. With an easy-to-use onboard touch screen, the operator can input the necessary fuel specification and entirely control the FCS as desired.


The slim and compact design of the FCS makes its installation extremely simple, without extensive fuel system piping modifications. This allows for low installation costs and an overall reduced price.

Advantages and features

Benefits of the FCS include:

  • Reduced payback period for both small and large vessels
  • Assurance of environmental compliance inside ECA waters
  • Comprehensive set of deliverables, fuel and oil lab, ultrasonic blender and official logging system
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Small, slim and compact design
  • User-friendly touchscreen provides full system control
  • Compatibility check between fuel oils prior to any operation