TecnoVeritas is a marine engineering consultancy company, providing a complete package of energy management services and products for the maritime industry. TecnoVeritas’ marine energy technology knowledge has been gained over 20 years of industry experience and academic projects delivered worldwide.

In addition to high-quality services for the national and international market, R&D and training engineering have always been our key areas of activity.

TecnoVeritas’ latest products are dedicated to the control of energy use onboard ships and exhaust emissions complying with IMO MARPOL VI and the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). We have implemented a quality management system built on the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

TecnoVeritas' CEO receiving Seatrade Awards 2012 prize for clean shipping.
VEEO was awarded the prestigious award for its quality and innovation.
We provide specialised training solutions and courses based on real-life situations.
Our engineering surveys cover energy analysis, shaft power tests and stress analysis.
Emissions control forms TecnoVeritas’ core area of experience and expertise.
SEEMP can be implemented by TecnoVeritas to improve energy efficiency.
Voyage analysis and ship performance monitoring can significantly reduce fuel costs.
Enermulsion is an HFO water emulsion system used to reduce NOx emissions.
Engineering surveys will help to improve the energy efficiency of your vessel.

Voyage energy and emissions optimiser

The voyage energy and emissions optimiser (VEEO) from TecnoVeritas is the first type-approved system (by ABS) for the energy efficiency operational index (EEOI), allowing ship operators to monitor how and where energy is used onboard.

VEEO has a comprehensive software package with a number of components and functions, including:

  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Anti-pilferage system
  • Generator performance
  • Boiler efficiencies
  • Voyage energy efficiency

VEEO produces daily and voyage reports but also, as an open system, allows the data to be exported to any type of database, such as being fed directly into SAP-type systems.

The only type-approved system in complete compliance with IMO MEPC.1/Circ684, VEEO won the prestigious Seatrade Awards 2012 prize for clean shipping, demonstrating the quality and innovation apparent in this product.

In-line ultrasonic HFO water emulsion system

Enermulsion is an in-line ultrasonic HFO water emulsion system, dedicated to the control of NOx, CO2, CO and particulate matter, with very significant reductions.

The most important impact of Enermulsion operation is the reduction in NOx emissions, allowing existing engines to comply with NOx recommendation TIER II.

Using Enermulsion allows the mitigation of vessel emissions, reduction in maintenance costs and a significant decrease in fuel consumption of up to 5%.

Ship energy efficiency management plan

The ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP), developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO MEPC.1/Circ.683), is a tool for ship owners and operators to use to outline a programme that continuously improves the energy efficiency of their vessels.

TecnoVeritas can assist with the development and implementation of SEEMP, as well as helping ship owners and operators to use the technology.

SEEMP provides a mechanism to identify measures aimed at maximising operational efficiency and an approach to monitoring ship and fleet efficiency performance over time.

Engineering surveys and energy management

Other services we provide include:

  • Shaft power measurement
  • Torsional vibration measurement
  • Ship vibrations
  • Damage surveys

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TecnoVeritas has been in operation for more than 20 years. We offer a complete variety of services and products, as well as tailor-made state-of-the-art solutions, to improve your efficiency and to meet your requirements.

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