Activate the stand-by de-ice function and keep all relevant Lopolights ready for use in an ice free condition, even when light is switched off. This exclusive feature installs using the same two-wire cabling that is powering the light.

The ice-class feature has no impact on the weight, size, mounting configuration, IPrating, electrical connections or approvals of the standard Lopolight Navigation Lights. All Lopolight ice-class lights are available in a dimmable Navy/SAR version.

The built-in logic and power control allows full and detailed monitoring of the basic igation light function when the full de-icing is active. All functions are controlled via two-wire cabling, and all functions are controlled via a configured Lopolight NLC system.

Lopolight’s low power consumption, combined with the efficient de-ice control,
works seamlessly using simple two-wire cabling. Even dimmable navy installations can be integrated in the same simple cable systems.

The low profile of the lights, in combination with heat conducting aluminium, allows for efficient de-icing with low energy usage. Testing to -60°C /-76°F proves full de-icing ability, even under extreme arctic conditions.