K-Lock is a twist-lock system that connects a horizontal mounted light and a base together with a 1/4-turn. The assembly is then secured with a stainless set-screw and is waterproof to 50 metres of immersion.

Professional Series

In addition to Lopolight’s standard high quality IP68 construction, rugged electronics, K-lock base and five year warranty, the Professional Series comes complete with:

  • Pro-finish anodised 50 micron black hard-coat
  • Pro-mount 52.5 mm high-machined aluminium base
  • Wiring ports on the bottom and side
  • Alternate base with four wiring ports on the bottom
  • Nickel plated brass wiring glands and blanking caps with O-ring seals
  • Black plastic (HDPE) base plate for optional mounting scenarios
  • Pro-connect: 5-Pin 90° screw-closed internal terminal block (only two pins are used for typical installation)
  • Extended Lifecycle: 100,000 hours per installation