The signal light column is a mini-PLC based stand-alone, shipborne alarm system to indicate visual and audible alarms according to IMO regulations, as well as classification society requirements.

Controlled by a central unit the signal light column alarm system can also be adapted to your existing alarm and monitoring logic. The sound generation is based on innovative microprocessor technology and offers multiple acoustic philosophies with up to 120dB(A) sound level. On one hand, visual alarms are indicated by rotating lights or flashlights and on the other hand, explicit symbols on triangular indicator are advising the specific alert type. A standard signal light column alarm system consists of six or seven alarm indicators (symbols). In case a different amount of alarm indicators is needed, the signal light column alarm system can easily be adapted to your specific requirements.

Features include:

  • High-quality components
  • Easy to install
  • Shortest delivery time due to modular pre-manufacturing method. Predestined for short-term ship repair projects.
  • Best price / performance ratio
  • Clever commissioning and test features (integrated test mode / lamp test)
  • Acoustics delay settings adjustable by user
  • Degree of enclosure of all engine room devices: real IP55
  • Compact design of control unit
  • Only one power supply is needed (230VAC)
  • Available system voltages (24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC)
  • µP controlled dynamic acoustics
  • Durable led technology available