Up to today loading computers live in an isolated environment on board because as a safety instrument they need to be protected and inaccessible from the outside. However, in today’s shipping business, loading computer data has become more and more important for other stakeholders ashore, when it comes to emergency cases, incidents, claims or the business intelligence drawn from the analysis of historical data. In all these cases a real-time visualisation of the actual onboard situation is of utmost importance and a distribution of data across multiple stakeholders can be crucial. With MACS3 Connected, an important part of the loading computer data can now be used as a common database for business intelligence and decision support around various aspects of utilisation, cargo movement, hull stress analysis, newbuilding designs or repair plans.

Navis solution

MACS3 Connected allows for central loading computer information to be stored in the cloud and thereby providing a real-time visualisation of the actual onboard situation and the possibility to share it with other stakeholders. The actual departure condition of the last port, an overview of the conditions on board and a 3D bay view help to quickly identify what needs to be done in emergencies and incidents, connecting the stakeholders and providing highly reliable data from one source. Extended cargo utilisation KPIs along with container tracking details, DG visibility and port cargo reports build a solid database as a source of business intelligence for multiple stakeholders and their particular points of interest. Extremely valuable cargo and hull structure data can now be taken into account to come to smart decisions around the influence of loading conditions on the hull of the vessel.