The onboard MACS3 loading computer not only covers a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability and longitudinal strength, the high-end instrument also offers advice on loading and stowage, ballast water distribution, ballast water exchange, damage stability, and grounding scenarios. MACS3 is approved by the world’s leading classification societies. Furthermore, ship crews as well as planners can rely on adherence to the current IMO regulations, regular updates with regards to dangerous goods, ship-specific lashing rules or the early implementation of new rules such as the verified gross mass regulation. MACS3 has a market share of approximately 65% in the container ship segment. The product has been on the market since 1994, which is contributed to the high level of distribution and the long-term use of in-depth knowledge as well as growing understand for the instrument’s logical approach on the part of its users. In addition, two- and three dimensional visualizations of ships and cargo simplifies the optimized loading.

Thanks to the direct interface to shore-based stowage planning solutions StowMan, MAC3 enables an optimal loading of the ship, in addition to energy-efficient trim optimisation through cargo instead of ballast water, thus resulting in improved utilisation of the ship.

The ship-specific MACS3 editions include, in addition to the basic modules, optional functions designed specifically for
individual ship types.