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Multi-Purpose Cylinders

Multi-purpose cylinders

Using the latest technologies as a starting point, our engineers have once again succeeded in putting the multi-purpose cylinder concept into practice. The result: the Holmatro range that offers appropriate solutions for the most varied applications. With 50 different models in the range and the high quality of the multi-purpose cylinders, Holmatro has set a new high standard.

Controlled range of power cylinders

Holmatro industrial tools offer you a flexible, applicable and controlled power from five tonnes to 1,500t tonnes and high quality products for almost any application you can think of.

Features and benefits of Holmatro multi-purpose cylinders

  • A range of 50 models with different tonnages and stroke lengths
  • Collar thread and base mounting holes
  • Internal plunger thread on all models up to 50t
  • Duplex Power Coating makes the plunger corrosion-resistant
  • Duo Power Ring: seal and bearing for long-life span
  • Thread Protector protects the thread on the cylinder housing
  • XL Saddle+ protects the plunger and limits eccentric loads

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