Nautical Alarm System NAS 24 is designed to indicate binary alarms on a common screen, especially for marine application. All alarm channels are permanently indicated even though they are not active to give a full overview of the monitored states.

The system has multiple display application available (network).

Typical applications include:

  • nautical alarms
  • tank level alarms
  • bilge level alarms
  • watertight doors
  • fire doors
  • compact i/o module to be mounted on terminal rail TS35
  • type approved by all major classes

Technical system data and features:

  • System voltage: 24VDC nominal (19.2V-28.8V)
  • Dimmable 7in full graphic touch display
  • With day vision / night vision
  • Touch panel protection rate: IP65 (front)
  • 24 inputs / alarm channels (dry contacts expected)
  • External mute (dry contact expected)
  • Internal buzzer and output for external buzzer (600mA short-circuit protected voltage output 24VDC)
  • Output for alarm transfer (common alarm)
  • System failure (real watchdog)
  • Outputs for selectable alarm transfer locations (600mA short-circuit protected voltage output 24VDC)
  • Parameter adjustable by user:
  • Input logic n/o or n/c (each channel)
  • Alarm delay 0-99 sec (each channel)
  • Each channel selectable as alarm or status indication
  • Alarm and status indication color selectable
  • Alarm transfer delay 0…99 sec (common alarm)
  • Four individual buzzer characteristics
  • Each alarm text to be edited by user via on-screen keyboard
  • On device user manual available
  • System failure contact N/C 2A
  • Ethernet cable length up to 100m