NAVIKNOT Multisensor Speed Log Series has been designed using the most advanced software, offering unlimited flexibility for all vessel types.

The Speed Logs of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine measures speed over ground (SOG) and speed through water (STW) with a speed accuracy of +/-1% or 0.1k, whichever is greater.

The NAVIKNOT’s display provides ships water and ground speed information in an accessible way, for ease of use, quick interpretation and berthing and docking operations.

Benefits of the NAVIKNOT series:

  • Varied selection of speed and distance interfaces
  • Suitable for all types of vessels ranging from small pleasure craft to the largest crude carriers
  • Simple and low-cost installation
  • Type approved by Germanischer Lloyd to Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC
  • Support of docking manoeuvres by displaying the necessary information

Single and dual axis speed logs, 600 series with docking function, are available. The speed logs provide information about transversal and longitudinal ship’s speed. The systems can be interfaced with most modern peripheral equipment and speed output can be transmitted to ARPA radar, ECDIS, AIS, VDR, etc.