Optimarin Ballast System

The type approved Optimarin Ballast System (OBS), is based on solid separation (filter) and works as as a pre-treatment for ballast water, providing high doses of UV irradiation for inactivation of marine organisms, viruses and bacteria, without affecting the normal operation of the ship.

Ballast water is UV-treated both during ballasting and de-ballasting to ensure the dual UV effect, unlike a filter, which only treats ballast water once during ballasting.

The OBS is one of very few treatment options that does not use or generate chemicals or biocides in its treatment or cleaning processes. It is based on the idea that ballast systems should be environmentally sound, simple, flexible and easy to install, while also being capable of operating on both newbuild and existing vessels.

The OBS is easy to install on board existing ships (retrofit), as well as on newbuilds. The modulised system is very flexible, with a relatively small footprint and weight, and will fit vessels of all types and sizes. The OBS can be delivered as a complete skid or as a customised solution. The ballast system accommodates a wide range of ballast water capacities and can handle flows up to 3,000m³/h (or higher upon request).

Optimarin’s ballast water treatment system is normally installed in the pump or engine room and in close proximity to the ballast pumps. It can be delivered in a container, on a skid, or in separate pieces to allow for easy installation.

The equipment can be installed horizontally, vertically, or suspended below a deck, along the ship’s side, or in several separate locations. The OBS, which is relatively lightweight and adds no extra noise, makes full use of the small required space, making it a cost-efficient solution.