The Oxygen Detector CTX 300 detects O₂, CO₂, toxic and refrigerant gases within the shipping sector, featuring more than 30 different sensors.

It features 4-20mA output analogue transmitter with an optional backlit display and is available with electrochemical, infrared or semi-conductor sensors, as well as an infrared version for CO₂.

When hazardous levels of toxic gases or oxygen threaten the safety of an unclassified area, the CTX 300 detector can satisfy the most demanding safety requirements.

The CTX 300 detector is designed to detect oxygen, toxic and refrigerant gases, and also uses a new sensor for CO₂ detection over three different ranges: 0-5,000ppm, 0-5% vol and 0-100% vol.

The CTX 300 transmits data in record time. With a wide range of sensor options, it has the flexibility to protect many potentially hazardous environments.

Maintaining the unit is easy with pre-calibrated sensors and an optional LCD display.

The product is EN14624 compliant with regards to R134a monitoring.