The Series 7800 Controller is a scalable and easy to use multichannel gas and flame monitoring system with an intuitive user interface for the shipping industry.

Whether you are building a new facility or updating an existing one, there are a myriad of safety decisions to make. One decision, however, is now very clear. To offer optimal protection for your workplace and employees, choose the 7800 Controller.

Five simple function buttons make configuration and setup of the 7800 Controller easy and intuitive. Built-in programming flexibility allows you the ability to configure the controller to the needs of a wide variety of applications. Moreover, alarm LEDs indicate three levels of alarm status for every channel monitored.

Features and benefits include:

  • Inputs include 4-20 mA, direct catalytic bead sensor, direct IR (infrared sensor), and MODBUS RTU RS-485
  • Selectable relay flexible outputs include common and individual relays and acknowledgeable Horn relay
  • 4-20mA re-transmission (optional)
  • Built-in local horn and lights (optional)
  • Bright alarm LEDs and full function display for at-a-glance system status
  • Configurable with economical eight-channel input and output boards providing a cost-effective solution, which can be upgraded to meet future requirements
  • Trending screen provides a graphical view of alarm events