SOLAS 74, LSA CODE, 96/98/EC, IMO MSC 81(70)

Inflatable ITHACA 150N and ITHACA 275N lifejackets have been produced according to the latest SOLAS regulations.

They are suitable for offshore use under extreme weather conditions and with full weather clothing, thus can be installed on all commercial and naval ships, professional fishing boats and mega-yachts.

ITHACA 275N is the optimum model in the EVAL lifejacket range and gives to the user the maximum buoyancy and safety.

Lifejackets are equipped with a yellow, double-inflatable bladder. The first bladder is inflated either manually, or automatically after the user drops into water, while there is also a manually activated back-up bladder for emergency use.

All inflators are provided by UML. Each lifejacket has two CO2 cylinders (33g for 150Ν lifejackets, 60g for 275N lifejackets). Inflatable bladders can also be filled with air by special oral tubes. Inflators and oral tubes are ΕΝ ISO 12402-7 approved.

Lifejackets are equipped with EN ISO 12402-7 & -8 approved whistles and SOLAS approved reflective tape. Lifejackets also feature a metal or plastic buckle, strong lifting loop, buoyant line and are manufactured with approved materials according to European standard ΕΝ ISO 12402-7.

Lifejackets are supplied with a special closing-velcro cover with either a red nylon cover or orange PVC wipe-clean cover. Models with safety harnesses are also available.

Inflatable lifejackets can be equipped with all EVAL SOLAS approved lifejacket lights, with crotch strap (code 2947) and with fire resistance cover (code 2933).