Acta Auriga is a new DP2 walk-to-work construction support vessel (CSV) currently under development for Acta Marine Offshore Services. The new CSV can support the construction, commissioning and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Acta Marine placed a contract with Ulstein Verft for the construction of a DP2 construction support vessel in January 2017.

Ulstein Verft and CRIST jointly began the construction of the vessel’s hull form in Poland in February 2017 and christened the same in September 2017. The finished hull was towed to the Ulstein Verft’s facility in Ulsteinvik, Norway, in November 2017 for final outfitting and installation of mission equipment.

Acta Auriga is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2018.

Acta Auriga CSV design details

Based on the new SX195 design developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions, the CSV incorporates an optimised hull form integrating the Ulstein X-BOW and X-STERN hull line designs.

“Acta Auriga is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2018.”

The X-BOW features a tapered forward hull with a diverse volume distribution and sectional angles to create a wave-piercing effect at small wave heights. The design also minimises pitching and bow impact loads in higher seas.

The sharp stern shape of X-STERN design will allow the positioning of stern towards the weather instead of the bow. The hull shape will enable astern operations and increase comfort for the crew, by reducing slamming, noise and vibrations, enhancing the flexibility and operability during operations at offshore wind farms.

The ship measures 93.4m-long, 18m-wide and 7.6m-deep, and will have a deadweight of 2,600t at a design draught of 5.6m.

Deck equipment and capacities

The construction support vessel will feature an SMST dynamic motion compensated gangway system installed on a height-adjustable integrated tower with an integrated elevator for lifting personnel and cargo.

The deck will be installed with a three-dimensional motion-compensated knuckle boom crane with a lifting capacity of 20t without compensation or 6t with compensation. Either side of the hull can be fitted with a detachable boat landing system for crew transfer vessel (CTV) landing. It will also feature a refuelling installation for CTV.

The vessel can carry a fast rescue craft and offer sufficient deck space for accommodating a daughter craft. It will also be equipped with a smart container sliding and sea fastening system.

The DP2 and reference systems will include four operator stations, three wind sensors, three motion reference units and three position reference systems.

The ship will offer an internal cargo area of 500m², while its weather deck will offer an external space of 500m². The large deck spaces will support the carriage of 24TEUs. The vessel will also ensure safe walk-to-work transfer of personnel and cargo in significant wave-heights up to 3m.

The tank capacities of the vessel will be 800m³ of fuel oil, 180m³ of CTV fuel, 40m³ of lube oil, 840m³ of freshwater and 1,970m³ of water ballast.


The ship will offer accommodation for up to 120 personnel in 40 double cabins and 40 single cabins. The cabins will be provided with large comfortable beds, attached sanitary facilities and fully integrated entertainment system.

The vessel will also feature a buffet-style restaurant, multi-functional public areas, five office rooms, two Charterer’s workshops, a hospital, two changing rooms, modern sauna and fitness facilities, as well as multiple lounge suites with a library, televisions and game facilities. The occupants will also be offered Wi-Fi and video-on-demand services.

Acta Auriga CSV propulsion

The power-plant will integrate two 1,700ekW and two 940ekW main diesel generators, and a 200ekW emergency generator. The vessel will be equipped with two 1,500kW stern thrusters, a 1,040kW tunnel thruster and two 880kW swing-up thrusters.

The propulsion system will ensure a maximum speed of 13k and an endurance of approximately 30 days.