AMG Incentive was constructed by Legend Boat Builders (LBB) for Argonaut Marine Group (AMG).
AMG Incentive is a crew transfer vessel with light cargo capacity.
The offshore service vessel (OSV) will carry out activities that the Northwest Shelf marine service industry assigns.

The vessel will serve the marine service industry in the North West Shelf

AMG Incentive is an offshore service vessel (OSV) / crew transfer vessel owned by Argonaut Marine Group (AMG). The OSV was designed by Global Marine Design and constructed by Legend Boat Builders (LBB). Fremantle Port is the home port for the vessel.

AMG Incentive is a spacious vessel, with its aft deck alone capable of carrying 33 people, and a container weighing 20t and six metre in diameter. The vessel can sail at 30kt speed at half load.

The vessel will serve the marine service industry on the North West Shelf, which is one of the most economically significant coastal and sea regions in Australia.

The region is commonly known for its habitats of high ecological value including mangrove forest, seagrass beds, coral reefs and sponge beds. The habitats further support several protected marine creatures. The area also produces the majority of the country’s oil, gas and iron ore.

AMG Incentive design features and facilities

"The OSV was designed by Global Marine Design and constructed by Legend Boat Builders (LBB)."

AMG Incentive measures 22m in length, has a moulded breadth of 7.0m, draught of 0.7m and displacement of 50t.

The passenger areas of the marine vessel are mainly located above the bow. The saloon area of the spacious vessel is provided with ample space by eliminating the need for a forward entrance to the passenger cabins. The passenger cabins are located on two sides, with nine decks located on the left and the other 24 cabins located on the right side.

The interiors of the vessel are specially designed and lining materials were specially selected for low maintenance. The saloon area of the vessel is provided with thermal and acoustic insulation.

The vessel further features a well-equipped dining room. The accommodation facilities onboard enable the vessel to stay at station overnight.

The vessel is specially designed to avert overside discharges, fitted with wildlife friendly lights, marine friendly liquid and waste system, and is capable of operating in very harsh weather conditions.

Accommodation and safety on the AMG Incentive OSV

The vessel provides eight berths in four air-conditioned compartments located within the hull, and is capable of carrying a total of 33 people in single cabins.

The wheelhouse, which is located on the top, features two suspension seats, a settee and a large chart table-desk.

Safety equipment aboard the vessel include four RFD Marine liferafts, each capable of serving ten people.

Tank capacities of AMG’s offshore service vessel

The crew transfer vessel is equipped with tanks that are capable of holding 10,000l of fuel, 500l of clean water and 500l of sewage water.

Cranes and winches on the AMG Incentive

The aft deck of the vessel is equipped with deck machinery including a Fassi 65A knuckle boom crane, a gantry and a deck winch.

The vessel features two anchors unlike the conventional vessels with a single anchor. The anchors aboard the vessel have self-loading and self-locking capabilities. The two anchors are powered by two Muir anchor windlasses.

Engines, propulsion, machinery and speed of the vessel

The OSV is equipped with two main Caterpillar C32 engines rated at 1,044kW each.

"The vessel will serve the marine service industry on the North West Shelf."

The propulsion is provided by two Hamilton H571 water jets. Two ZF 3000 gearboxes and two Caterpillar gensets rated at 16kW also assist the vessel.

The vessel is also equipped with a software configurable HamiltonJet modular electronic control systems (MECS) for waterjet steering, and reverse, engine throttle and gearbox control.

The cruising speed of the vessel is 25kt and the maximum sailing speed is 33kt.

Suppliers for AMG’s crew transfer vessel

The seating solutions for the vessel were provided by Beurteaux. The hydraulics were provided by Fremantle Hydraulics, and the electronics were supplied by Taylor Marine.

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