Far Sleipner

Far Sleipner is a new subsea construction vessel built for Farstad Supply, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norway-based shipping company, Farstad Shipping. Designed and constructed by ship designing and building company Vard Group, the vessel was delivered to her owner in March 2015.

The new construction is a part of the company’s expansion into the subsea market and was built at a cost of approximately NKr825m ($109m). The steel hull of the vessel was built in Tulcea, Romania, and outfitting was done at Vard Langsten in Tomrefjord, Norway.

The vessel can be used for subsea construction, and inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) operations in water depth up to 3,000m.

"The new construction is a part of the company’s expansion into the subsea market and was built at a cost of approximately NKr825m ($109m)."

Far Sleipner will be chartered to Technip for a period of 11 months divided into two firm periods. According to the letter of intent signed by the two companies in February 2015, Technip will use the vessel for 16 months, including mobilisation and demobilisation.

Far Sleipner design details and tank capacities

Far Sleipner belongs to VARD 3-series and was designed according to the VARD 3 07 model, which is a large, sophisticated offshore subsea construction vessel model. It has an overall length of 142.6m, moulded breadth of 25m and maximum draft of 8m. Its deadweight is approximately 9,200mt at maximum draught and gross tonnage is 13,500t.

The vessel has separate tanks to store 1,842m³ + 451m³ of fuel oil, 1,000m³ of pot water, and 6,000m³ of drill water.

Deck equipment and systems aboard Far Sleipner

Far Sleipner features a flat, weldable steel deck with an area of 1,800m², which can accommodate 130 passengers in single cabins. The vessel is equipped with one main crane with a safe working load (SWL) of 350mt and two offshore cranes, of which the larger one has a lifting capacity of 350t.

It is arranged for three PC remote operating vehicles (ROVs). The vessel also has an onboard helideck with a diameter of 26m and lifting capacity of 15mt.

Navigation and communications

Far Sleipner is the first vessel to be equipped with the latest-generation DP3 dynamic positioning (DP) system supplied by Rolls-Royce under a contract signed with Vard Group in January 2014.

Esvagt Froude is the first Havyard 832-design offshore service operation vessel (SOV) built at Havyard Ship Technology’s shipyard in Leirvik, Sogn.

The DP control system allows the vessel to stay in exact position, when anchoring is not possible, by using satellite technology while enabling automatic control of the vessel’s thrusters.

The DP3 systems are defined as the most advanced systems by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They enable the vessel to operate in very critical situations where any loss in its position has the potential to result in fatal accidents or damage.

The DP3 system differs from a DP2 system in terms of its redundancy and tolerance for system failure. All the critical components are doubled in a DP3 system, allowing it to operate even when one out of its two separate machinery systems fails.

Engine and propulsion

Far Sleipner is powered by four 4,190kW main engines supplied by Rolls-Royce. Other equipment supplied by the company includes thrusters, propulsion systems, steering gears and rudders.

The vessel’s propulsion system is fitted with catalytic converters, three 2,584BHP bow thrusters and one 2,448BHP Azimuth bow thruster.

Financing for the subsea construction vessel

Eksportkreditt Norge, DNB, Swedbank and GIEK arranged long-term financing for the subsea construction vessel, while GIEK alone has guaranteed an amount of NKr406.7m ($54m).